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5. Come to me Lord, when first I wake.

ELIM HESPERUS  …………………………………….L.M.
O when wilt thou come unto me? – Psalm 101:2

1. mf   Come to me Lord when first I wake.
As the faint lights of morning break
Bid purest thoughts within me rise,
Like crystal dew-drops to the skies.

2.    Come to me in the sultry noon.
Or earth’s low communing will soon
Of thy dear face, eclipse the light,
And change my fairest day tonight.

3. mf Come to me in the evening shade,
And if my heart from thee hath strayed
Oh bring it back, and from afar
Smile on me like thine ev’ning star.

4.   Come to me in the midnight hour,
When sleep withholds its balmy pow’r
p   Let my lone spirit find her rest,
Like John, upon my Saviour’s breast.

5. mf   Come to me through life’s varied way
And when its pulses ceases to play.
Then, Saviour, bid me come to thee,
f   That where thou art, thy child may be. …. Amen
H. V. Tebbs 

ORIN IKARUN  …………………………………..L.M.
Nigbawo ni Iwq o tq mi wa? – O.D 101:2

1. mf    W’qdq mi, Oluwa, nba ji
Ni kutukutu owurq,
Mu k’ero rere sq jade,
Lat’inu mi s’oke qrun

2.    Wa s’qdq mi, ni kut’qsan,
Ki isqrq l’aye laipv
To zu b’oju ayanfv Rv,
K’o to sq qsan mi d’oru.

3.  mp W’qdq mi, ni boji alv,
B’qkan mi nzako l’qdq Rv
Mu pada, la t’qna to jin.
R’vrin si mi b’irawq ntan,

4.   W’qdq mi, nwakati oru,
Ngbat’orun ko n’ipa tura,
p    Jv k’qkan dawa mi simi,
Bi Jqhn’, l’aya Olugbala.

5. mp    W’qdq mi, n‘rizi ‘na t’aye,
Ngbati vmi mi ba si pin
p    Olugbala ni ki nma bq
f    Npe nb’O wa, l’qmq Rv yo wa.    …..Amin

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